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D2 Project Detail Document

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D2 Project Detail Document

SourceBudget $
Transportation Department#ERROR!
SPLOST Trails (Countywide)#ERROR!
SPLOST sidewalks (Countywide)$ 2,113,426*Aspiration, based on SPLOST Team initial determination (from initial ranking for D2 projects)
SPLOST D2 Discretionary$ 1,000,000Clairmont to Briarcliff Trail Project approved by BOC on 9/4/22
Parks Department#ERROR!
Parks Bond$ 790,000D2 Discretionary portion of Bond funds
D2 Capital Fund$ 970,000Derived from 3 years of discretionary budget send to Captial Account.
*D2 Discretionary (FY 2022)$ 30,000Needs to be committed or transferred to a Capital Account by end of 2022
*D2 Discretionary (FY 2023)$ 300,000Budget approval on February 28, 2023 will determine amount
*ARP, D2 (1st Tranche)$ 1,500,000Caroline programs for Covid and other institutional puposes
*ARP, D2 (2nd Tranche)$ 957,143per POETA dated 3/7/23
ARP Countywide (1st Tranche)#ERROR!Primarily PE costs for stormwater improvement projects in D2
ARP Countywide (2nd Tranche)#ERROR!Aspirational – estimated construction costs from PE estimates
SPLOST GDOT MatchFrom county-wide SPLOST funds for state/federal match funds. East Rock Springs. North Druid Hills bridge.
SPLOST Funded Match for Rock Springs$ 90,000GDOT LMIG funds (80% of project costs) Cumberland at Rocksprings Rd
SPLOST Mini RoundaboutsMini Roundabouts at Springdale and Oakdale
SPLOST Signals Match$ 50,000GDOT LMIG funds (80% of project costs) Pedestrian signals, 4 on Briarcliff, N Decatur, Briarlake.
D2 Discretionary Total#ERROR!
* Fixed Funding Amounts


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