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The Board of Commissioners serves as the legislative branch of DeKalb County government. The Board is comprised of seven commissioners, all elected to a four-year term. DeKalb County is divided into five districts with one commissioner serving each district. There are also two “super districts,” one on the east end of the county and the other on the west end, each making up about half of the county population. Each super district is served by one commissioner. Therefore, every citizen of DeKalb County is served by two commissioners, one with the district and one with the super district.

The Organizational Act provides for the establishment of the governing authority, including the delegation of powers and duties of the Board of Commissioners and Chief Executive Officer. The Act also addresses administrative duties, finance, purchasing and contracts, comprehensive development plan, and ethics.


Jason Patrick

District 1

Michelle Long Spears

District 2

Larry Johnson

District 3

Steve Bradshaw

District 4

Mereda Davis Johnson

District 5

Ted Terry

District 6

Lorraine Cochran Johnson

District 7

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