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February 8, 2024

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Backyard Breeding: Regulartory Nuisance, Crime Precursor

Read this wonderful academic paper “Backyard Breeding: Regulartory Nuisance, Crime Precursor,” by LIsa Milot, which explores the effects of personal dog breeding on local communities. Milot said backyard breeding can lead to a population of stray animals, which fills shelters and negatively impacts the taxpayer-funded facilities. This is certainly a situation in DeKalb County that […]


DeKalb has been working hard to address the needs of our furry friends and to identify solutions to the current challenges. Most recently, the administration’s FY23 Mid-Year Budget included $941,752 to the Animal Services’ operating budget.  This included $200,000 to establish a pilot program to encourage the fostering of animals and to aid pet owners […]

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